press release

Simon Denny’s new body of work for Portikus ranks among the most ambitious the artist has developed to date. Over the period of one year, the artist researched and developed an intricate project that has grown to considerable dimensions – both physically and in terms of its critical content. For two months, the monumental gallery space is turned into an homage to technology, communication, and the relentless need for innovation. Simon Denny has produced an embracing and multi-faceted installation that functions as a documentary of a leading technology giant. The exhibition’s title, “New Management”, refers to a legendary management philosophy infamously introduced in Frankfurt in the early nineties, emphasizing the need to globalize and preparing the company for change.

The exhibition raises questions about globalization, economic dominance, nationalistic aspiration, and expansion within international corporate culture. In the introduction to the publication produced in parallel to the exhibition and which will be launched at the opening, Simon Denny writes: “In Portikus one sees a fantastic conglomeration of material that tries to monumentalize this powerful cultural message[...] I’ve tried to stay close to the context [the exhibition] describes: the global material language of corporate pride and presentation.”