press release

SIMPARCH, a contraction of the words "simple" and "architecture," was founded in 1996 as an artist collective. They are currently based in Cincinnati and Chicago. As the name implies, the works created by this group of artists frequently travel into the realm of architecture with structures and situations that present architectural answers to social questions. Architecture becomes a conduit and a location for discourse. They are known best for projects such as "Free Basin," a kidney-shaped pool constructed of plywood, concrete, and steel created as a place for skateboarders inside the museum. SIMPARCH has recently completed works for Documenta XI, Whitney Biennial, and Tate Modern. A concurrent installation across the street in the Weston Art Gallery will conceptually link the two prominent street level exhibitions spaces in downtown Cincinnati. This exhibition will mark the first commissioned, site-specific installation in the lobby of the CAC.

This exhibition is organized by CAC associate curator Matt Distel. Exhibition sponsor: Alice F. & Harris K. Weston.


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Kurator: Matt Distel