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Gills work questions the coherence of systems that humans create to know the world around them. Working with a myriad of materials, including books, plant materials, photographs and other found objects, she encourages the viewer to reject a rigid classification of their surroundings in favour of arrangements which offer uncertainty, disturbance and new possibilities.

For the Level 2 Gallery, Gill has created a thought-provoking installation from a collection of books assembled over many years. Ranging from pulp fiction to academic writings, these publications provide the raw material which Gill then uses to tease out a supposedly neutral set of words.

Simryn Gill was born in Singapore in 1959. She now lives in Sydney, Australia and works from Australia and Malaysia.

The exhibition Simryn Gill at Tate Modern, fourth in a series conceived by Jessica Morgan, Curator, Contemporary Art, Tate Modern, is curated by Juliet Bingham, Assistant Curator. Simryn Gill would like to thank her assistants Caleb Goman, Lucas George and Chris Colla for their help with this project.

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Simryn Gill
fourth in a series
Kuratoren: Jessica Morgan, Juliet Bingham

18.03.06 - 07.05.06 Tate Modern, London
21.03.06 - 12.05.06 Albion Gallery, London