press release

SITE Santa Fe Biennial 2008
Seventh International Biennial exhibition
"Lucky Number Seven"
Kurator: Lance Fung

mit Marti Anson, Erick Beltran, Luchezar Boyadjiev, Michal Budny, Ricarda Denzer, Hiroshi Fuji, Fabien Giraud, Piero Golia, Soun-Myung Hong. Scott Lyall, Nick Mangan, Eliza Naranjo Morse, Nora Naranjo-Morse, Ahmet Ogut, Mandla Reuter, Nadine Robinson, Zbigniew Rogalski, Wael Shawky, Shi Qing, Raphael Siboni, Rose B. Simpson, Studio Azzurro 

Opening weekend festivities: June 20-22


Laura Steward Heon, Phillips Director of SITE Santa Fe and Lance Fung, SITE’s 2008 Biennial curator, are pleased to announce the 2008 Biennial Curatorial Team. This group of talented visionaries, assembled by Mr. Fung, represents 19 international partner art organizations who will participate in the Seventh International Biennial exhibition, entitled Lucky Number Seven, scheduled to run from June 22 - October 26, 2008. Opening weekend festivities are June 20-22.

In response to Mr. Fung’s invitation, the partner institutions and the curatorial team have created a project with several singular attributes: 1) all emerging artists, 2) all of whom will be making new commissions, 3) all somehow SITE-inspired, and finally, 4) all temporary works of art.

The emerging artists range in age from their twenties through their sixties. All of the works will be created on site, and will presumably be informed by this specific locale, harking back to the first SITE Biennial tradition. Mr. Fung’s concept resists the notion of art as commodity in that the works will cease to exist after the close of the exhibition. Furthermore, much of the show will occur prior to the opening, on the ground in Santa Fe and prior to that, in virtual space, as ideas, proposals, and thoughts are transmitted around the world. Mr. Fung invites the audience to engage in the process, as the core of what we view as art, in this case, is the process itself.

Despite the overwhelmingly unquantifiable and unknown outcomes, SITE is fully supportive of the core elements at work in this risk-taking model and commits its institutional faith and resources into the authentic phenomena of process, experimentation, and collaboration exemplified in Mr. Fung’s idea.

Through the creation of this truly global curatorial team, Mr. Fung raises the bar for collaboration on a world-wide scale. He will make the announcement of the final list of artists in January 2008.

The Lucky Number Seven Curatorial Team is listed below, along with each curator’s affiliation:

1. Ferran Barenblit, Centro de Arte Santa Mónica (CASM), Barcelona, Spain, 2. Iara Boubnova, Institute of Contemporary Art – Sofia, Bulgaria 3. Gregory Burke, The Power Plant, Toronto, Canada 4. Collin Chinnery, Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing, China (Partnering with Centre for International Cultural Exchange) 5. Alexie Glass, Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 6. Lukasz Gorczyca & Michal Kaczynski, Stowarzyszenie Integracji Kultury (Association of Cultural Integration), Warsaw, Poland 7. Laura Steward Heon, SITE Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States 8. Barbara Holub, Secession, Vienna, Austria 9. Vasif Kortun, Platform Garanti Contemporary Art Center, Istanbul, Turkey 10. Chus Martinez, Frankfurter Kunstverein, Frankfurt, Germany 11. Martina Mazzotta, Fondazione Antonio Mazzotta, Milan, Italy 12. Tsukasa Mori and Toshihiro Asai, Art Tower Mito, Japan 13. Joseph Sanchez, Institute of American Indian Arts Museum (IAIA), Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States 14. Patrizia Sandretto, Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Turin, Italy 15. Guillermo Santamarina, El Museo Experimental, Mexico City, Mexico 16. Hyunjin Shin, SSamzie Space, Seoul, South Korea 17. Alessandro Vincentelli, BALTIC Center for Contemporary Art, Gateshead, England 18. Marc-Olivier Wahler, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France 19. William Wells, The Townhouse Gallery, Cairo, Egypt

SITE Santa Fe Since its opening in 1995, SITE‘s mission has been to bring the global contemporary art dialogue to the Southwest region of the US. SITE’s Biennial is known worldwide for its innovation and for showcasing great curators ahead of the rest of the art world. In fact, three of SITE’s six curators have subsequently served as Directors of the Venice Biennale, including Robert Storr in 2007, and a fourth won a MacArthur “Genius” Award.