press release

Opening September 23ed

Soro Kunstmuseum have pleasure of showing the exhibition Sketch of a new world. The exhibition is based on the many works - painting, photography , sculpture and installations - acquired , donated and deposited at the museum within the past 5 years.

With this exhibition we focus on the museum's collection profile and strategy. During the exhibition there will be a number of Artist Meetings, where some of the artists represented in the collection, will talk about their art. There will also be a series of Special Tuesdays, where the museum curators talks about the considerations of the collection.

The exhibition includes works by: Martin Erik Andersen, Robert Barry, Ib Braase, Torben Ebbesen, Ulrik Heltoft & Miljohn Ruperto, Emil Westman Hertz, Per Bak Jensen, Anita Jørgensen, Anne Mette Larsen, Ursula Nistrup, Bjørn Nørgaard, Lea Porsager, Finn Reinbothe, William Louis Sørensen, Christian Vind, Mette Winckelmann, Troels Wörsel, Willy Ørskov.