press release

Takt presents

Sketch the Moment | 1st Exhibition

Opening: Friday, Novemberber 18th 19 – 22h
Exhibition: 18.11. – 30.11.2016
Open hours: Fri/ Sat/ Sun 16-19h
curated by Sketch the Moment | Irene Graziadei
invited by takt artist residency

Participating Artists:
Uta Blindow, Byron Breese, Luis Diego Cabezas, Jacalyn Carley, Millie Gleeson, Jana Kalina, Veronique Kaploun, Gabriele Krüger, Kathryn Lawrence, Liz Magno, Ioana Mihailescu, Marissa Rae Niederhauser, Paula Nishikawara, Sabine Pabel, Martin Paul, Etienne Pixa, Griseldis Schreck, Ulrike Wolf

Kunstraum Tapir | Weserstraße 11 | 10247 Berlin-Friedrichshain

Sketch the Moment

Fairies, Secret Agents and Michelangelo… What do these have in common?
They’re some of the many performance themes for Irene as she prepares poses and selects Music for mix tapes during her Sketch the Moment sessions. With the longest pose lasting 5 minutes and the shortest a constantly moving slow motion, Irene challenges and inspires both herself and the artists who strive to capture her pose on paper before it is gone.

The works in this show were drawn during a variety of Irene’s performances. Other topics have included Yoga, Tarantella, Diva, Circus, Dramatic Poses, Balance/Unbalance and more.

Sketch the Moment is cooperation with Takt Academy.