press release

During the spring of 2017 the Mauritshuis will be treating its visitors to appetising tableaus and richly laid tables. Slow Food - Still Lifes of the Golden Age will trace the development of early meal still lifes in the Northern and Southern Netherlands. Some twenty-five paintings will be brought together for the exhibition.

The key piece in the exhibition will be the still life by Flemish painter Clara Peeters that the Mauritshuis acquired a few years ago. Her work anticipates that of later Haarlem masters such as Pieter Claesz and Willem Heda, the best-known representatives of the genre. Other important painters in the exhibition include Osias Beert, Jacob van Hulsdonck, Jacob Foppens van Es, Floris van Dijck, Floris van Schooten and Nicolaes Gillis. These artists painted their meal still lifes with astounding details that make the viewer’s mouth water even to this day.