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London-based Israeli artist Smadar Dreyfus is interested in how meaning is both created and reconstructed at the intersection of the aural and the visual. She has separated image and sound in several of her works in order to present different perspectives on the same scene.

Magasin 3 Stockholm Konsthall is pleased to present Dreyfus' first exhibition in Scandinavia consisting of three works, the most recent of which is a large-scale installation entitled Mother's Day (2006-08). Using sound recordings from the Mother's Day celebration at the Israeli-Syrian ceasefire-line in the Golan Heights, Dreyfus explores the role and impact of the voice in this contested public space.

Tessa Praun, the curator of the exhibition, explains: "Through the alternating sound recordings and silent images the viewer is placed in a position where one participates in, and becomes a part of an experience beyond spectatorship. The work is liberated from the specific situation and opened up to the viewer's own experiences and associations. A decisive characteristic of Smadar Dreyfus' way of working is that she does not produce documentaries despite often using real-life recorded materials. In this way her work retains an element of ambivalence and mystery."

This exhibition also includes Dreyfus' single screen works 360 degrees, 2007, and UNTITLED (family), 1996.

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Smadar Dreyfus
Kurator: Tessa Praun