press release

The Museum is pleased to present an installation of works by the German Dada artist and onetime Huntington resident George Grosz. The exhibition coincides with The Metropolitan Museum’s exhibition Portraits from the Weimar Republic to which the Museum has lent its world-famous painting Eclipse of the Sun (1926).

Also on view in the Museum will be approximately forty Larry Fink photographs from his Social Graces series. Larry Fink, a renowned photographer, has had one-person exhibitions at the Museum of Modern Art and the Whitney Museum of American Art and has also won two Guggenheim Fellowships. Published as a book in 1984, Social Graces was the photographer’s first famed monograph. It features images of both upper-class society and lower-class society. Larry Fink lived on Long Island for some of his teenage years. One of his greatest sources of inspiration was George Grosz. One sees satirical elements in the work of both artists which is why they will be paired in this exhibition.

Social Commentary
The Art of George Grosz and Larry Fink