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"Clarity, beauty, playfulness. Simplicity, logic, openness. The words which come to mind in beginning to describe the works of Sol LeWitt resonate with essential aesthetic and intellectual values. His works are straightforward and legible. Yet, upon closer observation and consideration, even those that initially appear direct and obvious reveal complex subtlety in decision-making. Intellectual substance is paired with visual delight, both of which seep, sometimes immediately, but often slowly, into one’s consciousness," Gary Garrels has mentioned 1999 in the retrospective catalogue of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Up to this day, Sol Lewitts work embrace more than 900 wall drawings, in pencil, crayon, ink washes, and acrylic paint, hundreds of drawings on paper, in pencil, ink and gouache, and numerous three-dimensional structures and sculptures. Konrad Fischer Galerie presents a new wall drawing and several new gouaches by the artist. Since 1968, Lewitt approaches to eliminate the mediating ‘support’ of canvas to reinforce the flatness of his drawings. In ‘Wall Drawings’, published in 1970, Lewitt wrote: ‘I wanted to do a work of art that was as two-dimensional as possible … It seems more natural to work directly on walls than to make a construction, to work on that, and then put the construction on the wall.” In the 1990s his wall drawings have increased to expansive, open-ended methods of composition – irregular bands, undulating waves, swirling nets, pulsing and fractured shapes in a pure and sassy brilliant palette.

The opaque character of the gouache allows Lewitt a great saturation of color. By laying on the brushstrokes in numerous varieties, he develops several series of ‘Parallel Curves’, ‘Horizontal Brushstrokes’, and ‘Irregular Form With Color Gouache’. (Pressetext)

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Sol Le Witt - New Works