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Since the inclusion of his serial project #1 in issue #5/6 of Aspen Magazine (United States) in 1966, Sol LeWitt has produced roughly 50 books. The “artist’s book” occupies an important place in LeWitt’s work. Without seeking to be didactic, he has developed a conceptual system in this area that allows him to understand the way in which his work is constructed. In the title, or on the first page, he clearly enunciates the overall concept of the book in just a few words. In most cases, the artist is also the author of his own catalogues, produced with the same graphic structures as artists’ books. Generally conceived of as a quadrangular composition, the contents can consist of both drawings and photographs. The group of the artist’s publications exhibited here serves perfectly as an illustrative example of what artists’ books are.

Curator: Guy Schraenen

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Sol Le Witt
Kurator: Guy Schraenen