press release

This, the fourth in the SOLID CONCEPT series, pays tribute to six artists who, by their explorations into the essence of art making over the past thirty years, have changed the nature of the art experience. Artists featured in the SOLID CONCEPT exhibitions mounted at Gallery Paule Anglim over the past fifteen years have been influential guides to other artists both in the Bay Area and beyond.

Terry Fox, Howard Fried, Sharon Grace, David Ireland, Paul Kos and Tom Marioni are all San Franciscan artists deeply engaged in re-thinking the motives and methods for making art. Their activity to this day, is characterized by openness, curiosity and relevance. In the early 1970's social reform brought politics into the studio. New definitions they sought were more about allowances than exclusions, and working as conceptual artists meant different things to each. For the most part, they were no longer drawing, painting and sculpting-video, performance, communication technology, furniture, hardware and building materials had become favored tools of art.



mit Terry Fox, Howard Fried, Sharon Grace, David Ireland, Paul Kos, Tom Marioni