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A show curated by Gino Gianuzzi, director of Galleria Neon in Bologna: I am convinced that it would be repressive to talk about woman's and men's art separately when the artists use of language is extremely liberal. What is important for young artists are the forms of expression that are used in order to create a form of communication to the world, that is able to override the distinction between the sexes. What becomes an exercise where women are able, maybe more easily, more naturally and becomes evident in the huge capacity of female artists, to integrate also instruments of technology in their work, traditionally used by men. somewhereovertherainbow as a title, comes from the essay written by Salman Rushdie in 1992, for The British Film Institute, The Wizard of Oz. Where we are able to read on page 34 "one of the main aspects of The Wizard of Oz is the absence of a male hero because, inspite of their intelligence, their heart and their courage it is impossible to think of the Scarecrow, the Tinman and the Cowardly Lion as typical protagonists of a Hollywoood Film. In the film the central power is a triangle of points where we find Dorothy, Glinda and the witch; the forth point where, for the major part of the film one thinks they will discover the Wizard, ends up being an illusion. The capability of the men would suggest that it is an illusion, but the capability of the women is a reality." Finally, that which is truly interesting is the combined collection of works of various female artists and the verification that each in their own way is unique.

An exhibition in the framework of MSE-projects. MSE-projects supported by: MOL - Cultural Department of the City Ljubljana; Art and Culture Network Programme Link Programme (Open Society Institute - Slovenia, Open Society Institute - Croatia, Open Society Found - Bosna & Hercegovina, Soros Foundation - Hungary); European Cultural Foundation; Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Slovenia - Stability Pact of South East Europe; Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia; Kultur Kontakt; Italian Cultural Institute in Slovenia; Embassy of Austria - Cultural Department Ljubljana; National Cultural Found & Ministry of National Cultural Heritage of the Republic of Hungary; Österreichisches Ost- und Südosteuropa Institut, Budapest; Public Fund for Modern Art, Dunaújváros; Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia; Cultural Department of the City Zagreb; PCX computers. MSE-Bologna - special thanks to: Dr. Carla Maria Burri - Italian Cultural Institute in Slovenia Pressetext

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somewhereovertherainbow (Bologna - exhibition)

mit Madeleine Berkhemer, Nico Dockx, Ulrike Gruber, Eva Marisaldi, Dörte Meyer, Sissi, Alessandra Tesi, Gina Tornatore, Nathalie van Doxell
Kurator: Gino Gianuzzi