press release

Sous la lune/Beneath the moon presents major existing and new works by eleven artists from Southeast Asia and France. Curated by Khairuddin Hori, Deputy Director of Artistic Programming at the Palais de Tokyo (Paris), the exhibition explores the mysterious, complex and multi-layered nature of aesthetic experience through immersive artworks and installations in a range of media.

The exhibition is conceived as an encounter between art and artists from opposite sides of the world, whose practices may be recognized in their native countries but remain unknown elsewhere. Rather than represent the artists’ countries of origin—an approach often used by art institutions in cross-cultural exhibitions—Sous la lune/Beneath the moon instead highlights the personal creative process of each artist, and the diversity of artistic practice across France and Southeast Asia. The exhibition also reflects the experimental approach and all-encompassing character of exhibitions at the Palais de Tokyo, and its commitment to researching and supporting emerging artists and art scenes from around the world.

An evening of performances by artists in the exhibition will take place during Art Stage Singapore and Singapore Art Week 2016.