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Locust Projects is pleased to present "Domino Miami," a new installation by Italian based artists STALKER.

This exhibition is sponcered in conjunction with The Miami Arts Project. The Miami Arts Project will investigate the development of the Miami River and communities along the River, focusing on the historical, cultural,economic and ecological impact the River continues to have on the neighborhoods it serves. The Project has invited a Rome-based multi-disciplinary group called Stalker to undertake a walking investigation of the Miami River and six artists, Dan Graham, Carrie Mae Weems, Jack Pierson, Andrea Robbins/Max Becher and Mark Robbins to develop images for 60 billboards that will be sited inthe neighborhoods adjacent to the River. The presentation of these projects will be in January -March, 2001.

Founded in 1993, Stalker began by organizing art happenings in abandoned areas throughout Rome.Following the steps of the French Philosophers, Deleuze and Guattari with references to the artists Robert Smithson, Yves Klein and Pierre Paolo Pasolini, the Roman based Stalker has taken this investigation further, making the walking exploration and documentation of marginal territories equivalent to building architecture. The contemporary artifacts found across Europe, highway restaurants, toll-booths, electrical power lines, abandoned containers, discarded motors are the latest phenomenological reference points to their work. They have produced projects in Rome; Stalker Across Actual Territories that was covered on national television. It was a four-dayand three-night walk around Rome throughabandoned areas (October, 1995). They have completed walking installations in France and Germany: Orleans (April, 1997), Berlin (May, 1997) and their work has been exhibited at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni (Contemporary Art Museum in Rome, June, 1997) and Paris. They have published widely throughout Europe in art and architectural magazines such as Millepiani and Flash Art. This opportunity to work with the Miami Arts Project would represent their first American investigation and project.

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