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Statement #07
Ralo Mayer — The Tower, the Expo, the Echo, the Cell

Performance, January 9, 2020, 6 pm
Duration approx. 1 hour

“When I begin a project, I try to research an object, but what I end up finding are stories”, says Ralo Mayer in explaining his performative practice, which is typically expressed in lecture performances, exhibitions and installation settings. With The Tower, the Expo, the Echo, the Cell, Mayer explores in an exemplary way not only the relationship between nature and society and the fragile wall between them, but also the interaction between experimentation and draft versions of a life in space and the realities of life on earth. Objects like space shuttles, artificial ecosystems, post-Fordist reality and digital culture are woven into multi-layered narratives, which Mayer translates into cross-media ensembles via installation, film, text and performance – thus creating, in the widest sense of the word, ecologies of contemporary history.

Ralo Mayer (b. 1976 in Austria) lives and works in Vienna.