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Even roses are allowed to be inconsistent from time to time. Those depicted here by Stefan Fischer waver between the inevitability of the symbolic, the certainty of concrete arrogance, the need for the dry land of poetics, and the desire for seemingly arbitrary abstraction.

Stefan Fischer’s new work is motivated less by an interest in playing media off against each other, than it is in suspending their strategies in favour of another one… The title – roses on plants – alludes to layers of related appearances and, at the same time and easily recognisable, to covering them up, dressing them anew, and to reworking them. In the pictures are two compositions, which are, in the truest sense of the word, composed, not only together, but also in the sense of a synthesis of attitudes. This reminds one that any artistic positioning can arise only out of constant conflict, delineated by vigour and self-restraint, by timid precision and a constant questioning.

In this series of roses and bushes, painted around and over, under an American blue sky, the impression is given that everything is really quite easy, as if the competing gestures were practiced in the art of communicating with each other, and as if, at the end of the day, they had reduced all decision-making to the level of the merging of layers.

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Stefan Fischer