press release

Stefan Müller & Min Yoon

12 September – 17 October 2020
Opening: Friday, September 11th 2020, 3–9 pm

In cooperation with Galerie Lars Friedrich,
the exhibition is part of VARIOUS OTHERS Munich.
9 September – 11 October 2020

Stefan Müller is an artist who, regardless of what is happening in the context of what Max Horkheimer once called the "culture industry", follows his own timeline. This is not a sovereign attitude, but rather corresponds to the difficult survival of the weak and unfinished in the whirlwind of medialization, which now encompasses all areas of life. The apparent openness of the media society subjects everything to calculation. How many clicks, how many users, how many followers? After ‚improvisation' was made fully marketable by YouTube and Instagram, improvised biographies beyond the mainstream no longer count today.
Müller meets hard facts with soft tones. He doesn't improvise for money, but out of self-defense. He often seems to deal carelessly and destructively with his fabrics and materials, for example when he throws his canvases on the studio floor in order to walk on them while working. Müller crosses out the days, more like a child waiting for Christmas than the delinquent in prison.
The lightness of his new paintings is also their strength. It is directed against the exclusion of the abjected.

Min Yoon, born 1986 in Cheonan, South Korea, lives and works in Vienna. In his installations, sculptures and pictures, he explores processes of identity formations within art, its production, exhibition and reception, using balancing forms of reflection, rather than conflicting forms.