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Parker’s Box is delighted to present a second solo show at the gallery by the Berlin-basedpainter, Stefan Sehler.

Polished and gelatinous on first impact, these new large painterly works are actually quiteorganic and gestural in technique as well as overriding impression. The floral motif Sehleremploys in six of the seven large paintings, operates as a pictographic foil to the lingering evidence of the artist’s body in each of the works. Spilling, pouring and puffing on his paint,Sehler works up deceptively decorative surfaces that embody a complex irony that has as muchto do with his own relationship with American post-war art history as it does his capacity to position himself on the edge between opposing and complementary territories of contemporaryGerman painting.

In recent years, Stefan Sehler has surpassed himself in stretching the limits of the opposingpresences of representation and abstraction in his paintings. Achieving a kind of microcosm ofthe chaos theory within the boundaries of each painting, Sehler’s tightly draughted renderings of organic forms are exploded from within by the subsequent chance encounters of paint andcolor. Indeed, by the latter stages of the artist’s process, Sehler gives his paint complete freerein, as the artist can no longer see what he is doing. Order meets with disorder, nature with artifice, and anarchy with authority, along with all that such confrontations can suggest or evoke.

Stefan Sehler lives and works in Düsseldorf and Berlin. Recent exhibitions include: The Morning After the Night Before, Parker’s Box (2004), Pacific Pearl 2, The Cross Art Projects, Biennale of Sydney Parallel (2003),Groupshow, Galerie Michael Cosar, Düsseldorf (2002), One Fine Day, 34K and Berlin (2002). Selected soloexhibitions: Galerie Kuttner Siebert, Berlin (2003), Galerie Lendl, Graz, Austria (2002), Galerie Michael Cosar, Düsseldorf (2002) and Novalis, XJS, Parker’s Box (2001)


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Stefan Sehler: NEW PAINTINGS