press release

Martos Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of 'Strange Weight', a group exhibition curated by Rob Tufnell, Director of Ancient & Modern, London, The show runs from September 29 through November 17. A reception will be held on September 29 from 6PM to 8PM.

Strange Weight is an exhibition predominated by what can be loosely understood as figurative art. The works can be seen to either directly depict the human form: its symmetry and amputations from it, or secretions or stains left by it. A variety of forms fashioned from different media litter the gallery to resemble a chaotic autopsy – a scene not so dissimilar to that depicted by William Hogarth in the 'Four Stages of Cruelty' (1751). The exhibition should be read, not simply as a deconstruction of the human form but of the histories that occupy it and as something of a tragi-comic allegory for wider contemporary social and political ills.

'Strange Weight' presents works from the past half century by canonical and prominent figures alongside those by a new generation of artists. The exhibition is one of accelerated and condensed histories. As Pablo Picasso stated: there is 'no past or future in art'.

Curated by Rob Tufnell. Opening reception September 29TH, 6-9 pm.

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Kurator: Rob Tufnell

mit Caroline Achaintre, Donald Baechler, Eva Berendes, Peter Linde Busk, John Chamberlain, Poul Gernes, Keith Haring, Des Hughes, Alan Kane, Yayoi Kusama, Mike Nelson, Nam June Paik, Eduardo Paolozzi, A. R. Penck, Pablo Picasso, Richard Serra, Kenny Scharf, Gunna Schmidt, Daniel Silver, Paul Thek, Franz West, Andy Warhol, Sam Windett