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UCCA’s first international exhibition introduces six artists from Europe, North America, Africa, and Asia whose works--spanning from sculpture and installation, to performance, collage, drawing, photography and video--are breathing new life into the contemporary art world. As the show’s title suggests, the artists are in the process of transforming how the mediums in which they work are typically understood, letting material processes influence the outcomes of their experiments. Originated by UCCA, the exhibition marks the first comprehensive overview of each artist’s practice in China. Stray Alchemists will include several new works produced specifically for the exhibition, as well as one-off performances and musical events by the participating artists. While only in their 30’s, all six artists have an ever-growing presence in major venues and exhibitions around the world, including the current Whitney Biennial, the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Hayward Gallery in London.

Artists: Matt Bryans, Amy Granat (including collaborations with Emily Sundblad and C. Spencer Yeh), Lim Tzay Chuen, Takeshi Murata, Robin Rhode and Sterling Ruby Initiated by UCCA International Curator Kate Fowle

UCCA is a non-profit, comprehensive art center founded in Beijing by collectors Guy and Myriam Ullens in November 2007. UCCA presents exhibitions of established and emerging artists and develops a trusted platform to share knowledge through education and research.

Stray Alchemists
Kurator: Kate Fowle

Künstler: Matt Bryans, Amy Granat (Kooperation: Emily Sundblad & C. Spencer Yeh), Lim Tzay Chuen, Takeshi Murata, Robin Rhode, Sterling Ruby