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Two parallel exhibitions of the internationally renowned artists – the Indian Subodh Gupta and Ukrainian Serhiy Bratkov. During the Faith Matters exhibition, Subodh Gupta will present a series of his new sculptures and paintings, whilst Serhiy Bratkov will offer the art centre visitors the Ukraine project featuring photographs and installations. Both projects are dedicated to the shifts taking place in the national cultures in the context of the modern world’s life. New artworks are deliberately created for these projects and intended for an exclusive showcase at the PinchukArtCentre.

The solo exhibition by Subodh Gupta will be demonstrated on the 2nd and 3rd floor of the art centre and will include 4 new sculpture installations and 12 new paintings. Over 30 works by Serhiy Bratkov are to be exhibited on the 4th and 5th floor.

Presenting these projects, the PinchukArtCentre continues its work aimed at opening the Ukrainian art for the world and revealing the finest examples of the international art to the Ukrainian public by means of bridging the national identity and global challenge.

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Two parallel solo exhibitions:

Subodh Gupta: Faith Matters
Sergej Bratkow: Ukraine