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In addition to Van den Broek’s interventions into the collection, MuHKA now also hosts Permanent Revolution, a video installation by Berlin-based American artist Sue de Beer [°1973] that is loosely based on the brief but turbulent history of the German Bauhaus. In De Beer’s free-form reconstruction of the school's profound ideological antagonisms, the Bauhaus movement – portrayed here against the apocalyptic backdrop of the Great War which preceded it – sets off an ecstatic, psychedelic ode to colour, light and form.Permanent Revolution is shown in a custom-built white cube painted gold inside – a bizarrely monolithic, alien presence in MuHKA’s futuristic circular space which adds yet another dimension to the great Atlantic art dialogue that will be occupying MuHKA’s ground floor for much of 2008.

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Permanent Revolution
Sue de Beer