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Curated by Patrick Charpenel and Daniel McClean, The Corrupt Show and the Speculative Machine is the first solo show in Mexico of the Danish collective SUPERFLEX (Bjørnstjerne Christiansen, b. 1969; Jakob Fenger, b. 1968; Rasmus Nielsen, b. 1969).

This exhibition's ambiguous title reflects SUPERFLEX's attempt to destabilize institutions and to inspire reflection on the possibilities of sociopolitical transformation. SUPERFLEX suggests that the action of corrupting can paradoxically have a beneficial social function.

Instead of conforming to the model of a traditional retrospective, the pieces in this exhibition work as tools which can be re-activated through the specific conditions of their context. Thus, the exhibition is articulated through various processes, as it attempts to include all aspects of human activity.

It may be for this reason that SUPERFLEX establishes ties with centers of strong economic activity. The collective has transformed a section of the exhibition space into a goods distribution agency, explicitly incorporating the structure of economic production into the institutional context. In this way, the exhibition links to the wider context of the Jumex Factory creating a 'factory' within a factory and all the Jumex workers have been invited by SUPERFLEX to experience the exhibition. Outside of the exhibition gallery, SUPERFLEX has installed a series of works—like Free Shop and Supercopy—in different public locations, creating a dynamic platform for members of the public to participate.

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The Corrupt Show and the Speculative Machine


Patrick Charpenel, Daniel McClean