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The internationally celebrated artist group Superflex will open their largest solo project in Rooseum on 25th May 2002. This will be the first time most of their diverse social and political projects will be gathered together and combined with a new initiative using the explosive computer network game ‘Counter-Strike’. The game will be available to play by all visitors and demonstrations and tournaments will be organised.

A vital part of the project will also happen outside the Rooseum building in Fosie, where a new local television studio will be established in Augustensborgsgården for residents to broadcast their own programmes over the Internet.

Superflex are one of the most interesting and important artists’ groups working today. There are three central members, Bjørnstjerne Christiansen, Jakob Fenger and Rasmus Nielsen, who are joined by various international collaborators on individual projects. Since 1995, they have worked on a series of discrete initiatives involving such issues as energy production in developing countries, internet television studios for specific neighbourhoods and communities and brand name copy production in South East Asia. Though very different, all these projects relate closely to questions of power, democracy and self-organisation that Rooseum has also explored in previous activities such as Open forum and Vi – Intentional Communities.

The intention of Tools / +  Counter-Strike is to bring together for the first time the full range of Superflex’s production over the last seven years. It has developed after a 9-month residency in one of the studios in Rooseum and will include a new version of the Supertool flexible design structure that was begun here in 2001. In addition, a completely new project using the network computer game Counter-Strike will be premiered at the opening. The Counter-Strike game café will mix consumer culture and game playing with radical ideas and critical texts, seeking to develop different strategies for raising social and political debate.

The ambition of this project is that it will change and develop both during the two months of the exhibition and afterwards. For this reason, we have established a number of crucial partnerships with local and international organisations. These include Konstfrämjandet Skåne and Augustenborgsgården/Fosie SDF/Storstadssatningen with whom we will launch a new internet television Superchannel in Fosie; the Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst, Leipzig with whom we will publish a book of all the current Tools; KIASMA and The Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki who will develop projects and show work from the exhibition; as will the Foundation for Art and Creative Technology and the Housing Action Trust, Liverpool.

The collaboration between Superflex and Rooseum is more substantial than many exhibitions as a result of the long-term relationship we have developed following their studio residency last year. Additionally both groups are interested in using their position as artists or an art organisation to explore the contribution that the field of art can make to social, political and economic change. At a moment of extreme disillusion with the current representative system and hysteria around immigration and security, it is our suggestion that some possible new ways of thinking and acting can be found around the activity of art and artists. This project is an important step in that investigation. Pressetext

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