press release

In the face of entering the new geological epoch of the Anthropocene we find ourselves situated in a new kind of landscapes where traditional demarcations between local/global, culture/nature and interior/exterior seem to be in an ever changing resolution towards other modified states of being. Landscapes have never been more cultivated, exploited and mutated.

Surfacing Earth will address various ways in which man-made changes of the planet’s ecosystem have left physical marks on the Earth's surfaces – in landscapes, natural environments and biospheres – but also in our cognitive understanding of man’s physical relationship with nature. Looking at how modern societal transformations have manifested themselves in landscapes, the exhibition ultimately want to ask how we can continue to coexist with one another in these transformed landscapes? Is reinventing a relationship with nature, that reconnects us to nature on spiritual, philosophical and economical ways desirable? Can we think of a mode of transformed aesthetics that will enlighten us about the Anthropocene and make us take action?

The works in the exhibition will draw on various methods in thinking about these challenges – intuitive, aesthetic, philosophic, poetic, research-based, performative and humoristic ways – all putting in relief the importance of reflecting the human experience on Earth as a sensorial, emotional and aesthetic experience.

Surfacing Earth will be the second exhibition in the 2016 program following the solo-show Tides of Time by Finnish artist group IC-98.

Participating artists: Rosa Barba (IT), Ferdinand Ahm Krag (DK), Bigert & Bergström (SE), Ursula Bieman and Paulo Tavares (CH/BR), Tiril Hasselknippe (NO), Astrid Myntekær (DK) Marie Kølbæk Iversen (DK), Reynold Reynolds and Patrick Jolley (USA/IE), Onishi Yasuaki (JP).

Curator: Aukje Lepoutre Ravn