press release

Vleeshal is pleased to present Survival Guides for Ballroom Dancers, Renovators, Softball Moms, Working Parents and Troubled Folk in General, a group exhibition including works by Moyra Davey, Martin Kohout, Katja Novitskova, Laure Prouvost and Jay Tan.

Imbued with a diaristic impulse that is cathartic in character, the process-based, sincere, and often amusing works in this exhibition explore the slippery terrain between truth and fiction, private and public, and intimacy and perversion. Structured according to their own distinct—sometimes absurdist—internal logic, the works could be seen as strategies for survival in our current environment where intimacy and human relations are dispersed across multiple networked platforms; a characteristic of our screen-based culture. This reality brings about a need for the creation of new private rituals, secret semiotic systems, and personalised forms of communication.

This exhibition is curated by Roos Gortzak, Director, Vleeshal with Julia Mullié and Sophie Oxenbridge, Assistant Curators, Vleeshal.

Funded by Mondriaan Fund and City of Middelburg.