press release

The S I is thrilled to announce that we have been chosen to present our program within the halls of the Armory Show this year!

Last year we had very successful presentations featuring performances and interventions by the New Humans and the Red Shoe Delivery Service, plus everyone's favorite video by Gianni Motti featuring George W. Bush. This year we are thrilled that we will have the opportunity to present our program to a wide, international audience from within the halls of the Armory.

The S I's spirit of innovative contemporary art will be showcased in our booth and with several installations and interventions within the context of the fair, including an installation by artists Valentin Carron and Charles-François Duplain, plus interventions by Filip Noterdaeme the Director of the Homeless Museum and a project to shake up the economics of the Armory called Neutral Capital by artist Peter Simensky. We are also pleased to present the newest S I artist editions at the Armory Show, with a very work related to the exhibition NONE OF THE ABOVE by John Armleder.


Swiss Institute - Contemporary Art
at the Armory Show 2005
Booth 90-XO2 / Pier 90

Valentin Carron + Charles-François Duplain
Filip Noterdaeme / Director of the Homeless Museum
Peter Simensky / Neutral Capital
Special artist edition by John Armleder

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