press release

Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs. FUTURE PERFECT
24.05.2019 - 29.06.2019

Opening Friday, 24.05.2019 19:00 - 21:00
Sies + Höke, Düsseldorf

The exhibition FUTURE PERFECT marks the first chapter of a series that Taiyo Onorato and Nico Krebs will pursue over the coming years.

The new works arose from the realization how drastically the perception of future has changed in recent years. From an optimistic and exciting imagination to the sober awareness that we find ourselves in an era of mass extinction where the only valid aim of humankind is to ignore or postpone the consequences of our omissions and to secure one’s own comfort.

FUTURE PERFECT is an attempt to create images which reflect on our future in their own language. It is the search for traces of a future that is deeply embedded in our volatile present, yet still modifiable. The quest of the artists is to look for ways, places and strategies of image making that point to a different and hopeful direction.