press release

It is a great pleasure to present Pink, Yellow, Brown, Black, Green, White, Red, an exhibition with new paintings by Tal R. The seven colours from the title of the exhibition have been the primary choice of expression for Tal R during the last two years. However, in the works for this exhibition the artist also employs to new important strategies:

Strips of paper run from edge to edge of each painting. Tal R plays with fronts and depths, not settling in favour of one but allowing both to exist simultaneously. Instead of using colour directly, Tal R has in some instances made it into text. Drawn from the perimeter of the painting, these white areas seem to signify where the otherwise static figures of the painting are subjected to change.

The following paintings are part of the exhibition:

Princess sets a rendezvous between a captain and a pink mare. The painting Fugle og Frugter features a tree with a hole in its trunk. Black birds fly up and the fruits fall down transforming into words. In Sailing to egg we see a ship sailing across the canvas before disappearing behind a strip paper. Four swords crossed over form the basis of Rank, Name, and Departure. Several sailor-like persons inhabit Gate to Pink. One rings at the gate, another pees up against the wall, and a third is hanged. Svarta Blomma presents an urban landscape with a black gate at its centre. In Made in Heaven pink figures drop from the sky only to be devoured by fish below. The artist has done seven paintings in seven months. The task resembles that of a fairytale and ideally express Tal RÕs way of diving into the narratives that surround us. Stories, that flow through our families and sinks into our culture.

In connection with the exhibition we will show Tal R's film A ship is not an Island which was made in collaboration with Jesper Fabricius og Steen Møller Rasmussen. The film documents the artistÕs recent creation of a major painting for the new Opera in Copenhagen. It is distributed by Space Poetry, We will also show documentation of Last Dance before Mars, a modern dance play directed by Ari Rosenzweig, and with stage design by Tal R.

We are happy to welcome you in the gallery. With kind regards Galleri Nicolai Wallner


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