press release

Shit Moms is the title of both Tala Madani’s exhibition at Secession and a new body of work that dealswith the idea(l)s and (corpo)realities of motherhood. While the title refers to the colloquial term for womenwho in some regard fail their job or role as a mother, it also literally designates her approach to thetheme: smeared, somewhat shapeless female bodies appear as mother figures made of excrement.

The shit mothers, shown in tender mother-and-child intimacy or attended by several babies, inhabitmodernist apartments, appear in spot-lit disco halls, and peek at babies playing in abandoned houses.Scattered among theShit Moms are smaller groups of paintings, framed by three large-scale diptychshung in the corners that are composed of a painting of a projector that seemingly throws its projectedimage onto the adjacent painting.

Alongside the paintings, Madani will also present a number of animation films, whose protagonists in a disturbing but ferociously funny manner seem to be trapped in the loops of destructive, violentbehaviour.

Both her paintings and her animated films operate with a visual language that is often grotesquelyexaggerated, drastic and tender, obscene and funny alike. Madani’s oeuvre posits a world in which primal desires are unrestrained by conventions and social norms. Her works are suffused by light thatpoints both in and outward––at human instinct and upended social ritual.

Tala Madani was born in Tehran in 1981 and studied in the United States. She lives and works in LosAngeles.