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Artists Space Curator Pip Day selects five artists whose work self-consciously engages narrative and visual devices specific to video and film. In order to explore the complexity surrounding notions of the original and the simulacrum, the artists in this exhibition blur the lines between the 'real' and the staged.

The work in Tampering with the Reel includes film, video and video installation. The artists confound the manipulative potential inherent in film and video by either prohibiting the viewer from 'suspending disbelief', or conversely, by creating a visual or narrative seduction, while alerting the viewer to the components that are called on to facilitate the deception. By exploiting familiar devices through self-referential means, the psychology infused in them is exposed. The work in the exhibition skews the compartmentalized levels of the 'real' within which we operate in our daily, movie-filled lives.

Artists in the exhibition include Andrew Bordwin, Mark Lewis, Stom Sogo, Jalal Toufic and Erika Yeomans.


Kurator: Pip Day

mit Andrew Bordwin, Liza Johnson, Mark Lewis, Stom Sogo, Jalal Toufic, Erika Yeomans ...