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September 9–November 1, 2020

TENET is a time-based media program at Swiss Institute, following a summer when blockbusters never arrived at their intended destinations. Publicity for a highly anticipated movie suggested a story about a secret intelligence program to alter time. The movie poster tagline read: “TIME RUNS OUT,” but then time changed. In 2020, temporality was dramatically altered for many people across the globe—from pauses and delays, to the recursive forms of replay time associated with trauma and disaster, to the portals to alternative futures that appear to open up in moments of societal change. The works in TENET explore timelines as part of their intrinsic structure by using repetition, rewinding, speeding up, slowing down, and other forms of editing and reworking to transform existing materials. The program features works by Jibade-Khalil Huffman, Moyra Davey, Yu Honglei and Steffani Jemison. Each work will be on view at SI for a week before returning for a second showing in the reverse order.