press release

Eleven Rivington is delighted to present a group exhibition titled The Actual, on view in the main space of each of the gallery’s two locations, from December 11, 2014 - January 17, 2015. The show features new photographs and works on paper by six contemporary artists, including Marsha Cottrell, Sara Cwynar, Jessica Eaton, John Houck, Jason Kalogiros, and Miranda Lichtenstein.

The Actual brings together these artists in a conversation about artifice, process, and printed work. Each artist plays with ideas of pictorial construction, image and abstraction, the manipulation of spatial perception, set-up photography and collage, and seriality. Included in the show are unique photograms, laser toner prints on Japanese mulberry paper, polaroids, and digital pigment prints. The exhibition asks us to consider the subtle and distinct differences between manual, analog, and digital image making and their variously printed manifestations.