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As a sequel to the exhibtion [I+E] INVESTIGACIÓN + EMOCIÓN (Research + Emotion) held in the CAB and in different rooms of Saldañuela Palace in 2008, the Caja de Burgos would like to present its Art Collection, [I+E]2 made up of the art works which have helped to increase its collection during the last years: 2008, 2009, and 2010. This selection will be exhibited in two showings—the first one from January 28th to May 1st (floors 0 and 1) and the second from May 13th to September 11th (levels 0 and -1)—with the aim of presenting a general view of the works that Caja de Burgos is incorporating to its collection, relevant art works that have been selected from the individual exhibitions organised by the CAB over the above mentioned years.

Therefore, they are not isolated acquisitions or out of context, but pieces that, in most cases, have been conceived and produced particularly for the exhibitions in the CAB and which are enriched by the added value of being documents evidencing the artistic promotion led by the CAB over the years. Interviews with the artists and audio recordings of the artists' guided visits in the CAB will be also shown.

Every effort has always been made by the Caja Burgos Art Collection to avoid hermetic divisions or favouritism towards one or another tendency: taking research as a starting point, as well as the contact with new artists and creative proposals, the directors of the Caja de Burgos Art Collection (made up of more than 600 works offering a panoramic view of contemporary art in Spain and abroad from the 90's onwards), guided on some occasions by intuition or emotions, have outlined the paths through which current plastic and visual creation evolve; an artistic and changing reflection of our society.

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The Caja de Burgos Collection. [I+E]2

Künstler: Joris Laarman, Julia Oschatz, Geert Goiris, Ingo Giezendanner, Gabriel Kondratiuk, Eduard Resbier, Georges Rousse, Alex Arrechea, Ivan Navarro, Jose Maldonado, Rufo Criado, Manuel Vilches, Teresa Moro, Bridget Baker ...