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Video and computers are now essential forms of global communications, from home to workplace, and as the Mitsui Digital Wall demonstrates--the urban landscape. Constantly upgraded digital equipment is in great demand around the world, and people have come to love their computers as much as their cars. Artists use new media to present their work in the expanding channels of real and virtual spaces.

The Museum of Modern Art has been at the forefront of identifying the art of our time. The fourth program organized by the Museum's curators for the Digital Video Wall features subjective views by ten of video's pioneers. Jud Yalkut's Electronic Superhighway looks at how Nam June Paik anticipated this time when art students draw with the mouse as often as a pencil. Robert Cahen's Hong Kong Song and Woody and Steina Vasulka's Land of Elevator Girls offer artist-travelers' insight into contemporary Asia. Juan Downey elegantly fuses music theory with biography in his work, J.S. Bach, whereas Laurie Anderson presents a surprising twist to an old familiar tale Carmen.

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The Digital Video Wall

mit Jud Yalkut, Mary Lucier, Robert Cahen, Peter Callas, Laurie Anderson, Woody Vasulka & Steina, Klaus vom Bruch, Juan Downey