press release

The Displacement Effect

26 June - 14 August 2021

The Displacement Effect stages a temporary constellation of artworks and objects in an open-ended discursive encounter. The exhibition proposes a movement through distinctive counterpoints of art, design and material. Rather than a strictly thematic or scholarly approach, it adopts a responsive, additive process that suggests intersection as a route towards meaning or revelation. Within this space of conjecture, the airy vitrine-like showroom itself has a crucial role to play.

A variety of displacements are set in motion, the first of which is a shift back in time to the building’s original 1964 incarnation as Kunst im Heim, a showroom for Fine and Applied Arts. The furniture objects and textiles here were made by six different women, five of whom were born in the 1920s, while the youngest, Nanda Vigo, was born in 1936. They were all active in Europe in the post-war period at a time where it was rare to find women working in the areas of architecture or design.