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The eteam's new, site-specific video installation, Train Stop Inn incorporates an old-west saloon along with footage documenting one segment of the team’s recent project, 1.1 Acre Flat Screen, which will also be available for viewing. The larger project began on September 4th 2002 after the collective won an eBay bid for a plot of land in Southwestern Utah. The eteam then left New York to locate their 1.1 Acre in the desert. After they found the lot, they placed a jar of water ineach corner of the land. Throughout the following year, they used the land as their virtual studio and invited three other artist collaborations to do the same. Upon returning to the desert in .

August 2003, the eteam concentrated on the lot’s improvement. Their plan was, to create a train stop, which would enhance the lot’s infrastructure and therefore the value of the land. To demonstrate the possible reality of this plan, a passing by train had to stop a least once in front of the land. They opened a Train Stop Inn and waited. Trains traveling between Las Vegas and Salt Lake City passed in irregular intervals - between 3 to 5 per day. Temperatures ranged between 90 and 120F. Their act of endurance in high desert heat engages with our preconceived notions of the "American West" while simultaneously subverting notions of property value and artistic labor. For their show at Momenta, the eteam will recreate their attempt to increase the land’s property value, recreating the Train Stop Inn. Please stop in for snacks and drinks.

The eteam is an artist collaborative that worked with Mein Eigenheim. The collaborators include Hajoe Moderegger and Franziska Lamprecht. Performances, site-specific projects and videos include To Market to Market, (eteam collaboration with Michael Smith), Rotunda Gallery, New York; AccessZONE, Bronx Museum of Art, New York; World Views Open Studios, World Trade Center, New York; The Meat Market Art Fair, Momenta Art, New York.