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The Eye in the Door is an international exhibition of photo and video art, thematizing the concept of transformation through an investigation of processes which often occur without us noticing or being aware of them. With their works, Omer Fast (IL), Paul Pfeiffer (US), A K Dolven, (N), Susanna Hesselberg (S), Ulrik Heltoft (DK), Lui Mokrzycik (DK), Morten Dysgaard (DK), Jeanette Ehlers (DK) and Louise Holmgren (DK) present an array of subtle transformational moments in time, space and identity.

The title of the exhibition, The Eye in the Door, is a metaphorical reference to the door as an object containing a natural potential for change and transformation. The door is a highly familiar element in everyday life, in a very concrete sense dividing space and therefore also time. In addition to this, the door holds a series of symbolic meanings related to the concept of transformation.

Closing one door and opening another is a metaphorical way of expressing past or future changes in our lives. Within the psychology of the interpretation of dreams, the door often functions as a symbol of the entrance to a deeper layer of consciousness or memory. In horror films and thrillers the door is often perceived as the threshold between innocence and evil, and to the voyeuristic point of view the door, and not least the keyhole, holds a very special attraction. With its manifold symbolism the door is therefore an implicit sign of transformation.

The ambiguous metaphorical and symbolic layers of the door question human conceptions of what we see, how we see it, and ultimately what we see as real. Which are the essential features of transformation, and when does it occur? How do we make the distinction between reality and construction, movement and standstill, past and present? The Eye in the Door deliberately undermines the spectator's belief in what it is the eyes are seeing, and in so doing it calls on us - quite concretely - to place "the eye in the door" and have a look inside the worlds that we in our everyday lives are not receptive or accessible to.

The exhibition is curated by TIME BANDITS

The exhibited works are: Paul Pfeiffer: Morning after the Deluge, 2003 Omer Fast: Godville, 2004 A K Dolven: Liberty, 2008 Susanna Hesselberg: No Title, 2001 Ulrik Heltoft: The Beginning of the Journey, 2007 Lui Mokrzycki: Wings, 2007 Morten Dysgaard: A Portrait in Eruption, 2008 Jeannette Ehlers: Divine Dichotomy, 2009 Louise Holmgren: No title, 2009

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The Eye in the Door
Kuratiert von TIME BANDITS 

Künstler: Omer Fast, Paul Pfeiffer, A K Dolven, Susanna Hesselberg, Ulrik Heltoft, Lui Gram Mokrzycik, Morten Dysgaard, Jeannette Ehlers, Louise Holmgren