press release

Nowadays, the meaning of ‘everyday life’ is diversifying as the place for realizing small happiness and trivial desires, feeling tiresome of the life, alienation, or verifying by others; and simultaneously its weight is getting heavier on each individual. The artists are expressing these kinds of ordinary routines with various aspects such as externally dealing them from a micro-perspective, and viewing from a macro-perspective that the space is where the invisible authority function, or dealing them as the place where human alienation of post capitalism occurs.

Featuring art works that deal with the daily life are mostly expressing as the actions against the situation and social dominant structure that the artists are currently experiencing. Moreover, in order to expand the visual spectrum about these ‘everyday lives’, this exhibition is representing Busan-based and Chinese contemporary artists together. Artworks of the two countries mostly deal with contemporary around 2000s.

China and Korea often integrated within the range of Asia; however, each country has completely different system and social structure. Therefore, the ordinary expressions of the artists from the two countries are dealing would provide an experience to the viewers to acknowledge differences and similarities.

Among the featuring artists, Busan-based artists Kim Sung-yeon, Bang Jeong-ah, Shim Jum-hwan, Ahn Chang hong, Lee Jean-ey, Lee Tae ho, Jeon Hye won, Choi Suk won nd Jung Hye ryun. While they show the place of everyday life, they subversively solve the human shape that sacrifices the present time for unpromised future. Moreover, artists on the center of Chinese contemporary art are Zhang Xiao gang, Ma Liuming, Yue Minjun, Yin Jin, Ban Xuejian, Zhou Chunya, and Feng Zhenjie. Their consciousness for confronting towards the social change such as Chinese Cultural Revolution, economic reform, the rise of consumer society, and more is the basis for their works while they express the reversion to ordinary visual expression of self about desperate times.

The internalities of everyday life featuring in are not simply approaching microscopically but those are the place where the capitalism and ideology activate; therefore, it draws the scene that sometimes reveals and conceals or functions to an individual. Within this, viewers could understand its uneasiness and involve duplicity of the loop of ‘everyday life’ that gets reproduced through irresistible power. Therefore, this exhibition twists the discussion of micro-perspective of ‘everydayness’ from its private area, and points out the uneasy but great duplicity while it speaks that the introspection is necessary for an individual who lives in everyday life.