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The landscape artists Jan Breugel, Paul Bril, Kerstiaan de Keuninck, Joos de Momper the Younger, Bonaventura Peeters the Elder and the Younger, Lucas Van Uden and Jan Wildens occupy an important place in the KMSKA’s collection. And yet the significance of landscape painting before, at the time of, and after Rubens is all too often neglected. This exhibition draws attention not only to the great Flemish landscape painters at the time of Rubens, but also to a few surprises in the development of landscape painting.

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Die Erfindung der Landschaft / THE INVENTION OF THE LANDSCAPE
Flemish landscape painting from Patinir to Rubens
Kooperation Kunsthistorisches Museum, Wien und Villa Hügel, Essen

Künstler: Jan Bruegel der Ältere, Paul Bril, Kerstiaan de Keuninck, Joos de Momper, Bonaventura Peeters, Lucas Van Uden, Jan Wildens, Joachim Patinir, Peter Paul Rubens ...