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Curated by Michelle Cotton, this exhibition takes Ruskin’s essay “On the Nature of Gothic Architecture,” published in 1854, as a starting point to explore ‘medievalism’ in contemporary art.

Bringing together an international group of 9 emerging British and German artists, the exhibition examines a revival of interest in pre-modern choice of materials and methods of artistic production, along with the ideals and aspirations they bring with them.

Ruskin believed the Gothic sensibility sprang from the temperament and religious beliefs of north west Europe, and he posited the individually hand-made, medieval production methods characteristic of Gothic architecture as a ‘political’ alternative to the uniform and mechanically produced articles of 19th century. Ruskin's ideas have found resonance with socially engaged artistic movements such as the Arts and Crafts movement in Britain and the Bauhaus in Germany at the turn of the 20th century, and this exhibition points to the continuing legacy of Ruskin’s ideas.

The exhibition is an expanded version of an exhibition originally commissioned by International 3 and then shown at the Hatton Gallery in late 2009. It will include new work by many of the artists, including site-specific works by Kalin Lindena and Maria Loboda.

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Kurator: Michelle Cotton

Künstler: Eva Berendes, Simon Bill, Alexandra Bircken, Nicholas Byrne, Raphael Danke, Peter Linde Busk, Kalin Lindena, Maria Loboda, Bernd Ribbeck