press release

The Missing Link is simultaneously an exhibition and a living archive, documenting the collaboration between six artists and a curator in residence. The project is an attempt to bridge over the notion of absence, through ideas of representation of the invisible, disappearance and omission, and themes like melancholy and memory. The concept of “missing link” acts as a catalyst for strategies deployed by Residency Unlimited. Inspired by the Surrealist Cadavre Exquis and Chinese Whispers, each artist was given 3 weeks to come up with a contribution and display their research process, before transmitting it to the next artist. Each artist is free to use or intervene upon their colleague’s work, and is requested to document changes made. The Missing Link is conceived as a collective project-in-progress that reconnects a community of artists de facto disconnected. Shaped by six contributions, moderated by a seventh, the resulting display for The Missing Link are works and the archive. In addition, 2 guest curators are invited to respond to the situation with the artists and curator in residence.

The Missing Link Saturday and Sunday December 11 – 12, 2010 12 to 6pm A project conceived and curated by Martha Kirszenbaum Participating artists: Eve K Tremblay (CA), Santo Tolone (IT), Edward Schexnayder (US), Kate Shaw (AUS), Anne Percoco (US), Matt Mottel (US).

The Missing Link

Eve K Tremblay, Santo Tolone, Edward Schexnayder, Kate Shaw, Anne Percoco, Matt Mottel.

Martha Kirszenbaum