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“Unmonumental” expands on February 13, 2008 with the opening of “The Sound of Things: Unmonumental Audio” featuring three programs of short audio collages by thirteen international artists with backgrounds in music, poetry, and visual art. These audio collages will be played in the galleries at three-minute intervals. Bringing together elements of found and created sound with music and spoken word, the diverse selection of audio works juxtaposes and knits together disparate aural elements from inaudible whispers, lyric melodies, piercing noises, and industrial clatter to create a soundscape for the experience of living in an unmonumental world.

Participating artists are:

Vito Acconci (with Sarina Basta and Daniel Perlin) Anthony Burdin Trisha Donnelly Paul Elliman Andy Graydon Language Removal Services Ulrike Müller Nautical Almanac Keith Obadike Pauline Oliveros Susan Philipsz Seth Price Stefan Tcherepnin

“The Sound of Things: Unmonumental Audio” is organized by Lauren Cornell, Director, Rhizome, in collaboration with New Museum curators Massimiliano Gioni, Director of Special Exhibitions; and Laura Hoptman, Kraus Family Senior Curator.

"The Sound of Things: Unmonumental Audio" will be accompanied by a compact disc of the works in the show.

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The Sound of Things: Unmonumental Audio
Kuratoren: Lauren Cornell, Massimiliano Gioni, Laura Hoptman

mit Vito Acconci / Sarina Basta / Daniel Perlin, Anthony Burdin, Trisha Donnelly, Paul Elliman, Andy Graydon, Language Removal Services , Ulrike Müller, Nautical Almanac , Keith Obadike / Mendi Obadike, Pauline Oliveros, Susan Philipsz, Seth Price, Stefan Tcherepnin