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The project space La Capella MACBA will host The Uncertainty Principle, an intense month-long program of films, sound works, performances and lectures, for which the space has been transformed into a theater-like installation by the artist Tobias Putrih. The aim of this experimental project is to create a collective experience of hearing, seeing and talking art, in order to develop new paths for thinking, as well as new words for addressing it.

The Capella MACBA will host two different projects during the MACBA Collection show. From May 15th to June 12th: The Uncertainty Principle, a month- long discursive platform (full program available on-line). And from July 5th, a new site-specific production of the Brazilian artist Renata Lucas, and an installation by French artists Michel François and Jean Paul Jacquet (with the collaboration of Jordi Colomer, François Curlet, Ann Veronica Janssens, a.o.), La Ricarda.

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The Uncertainty Principle
Ort: Capella MACBA
Kurator: Chus Martinez

Künstler: Renata Lucas, Michel François & Jean Paul Jacquet (& Jordi Colomer, Francois Curlet, Ann Veronica Janssens ...), Tobias Putrih