press release

The Frac Bourgogne is presenting the exhibition The Unknown Group  which brings together works by Dan Graham (Triangle Pavilion, 1987),Susan Hiller (The Last Silent Movie, 2007), Joachim Koester (Tarantism, 2007), Guillaume Leblon (Unknown Group, 2008) and a selection of drawings by Marc Nagtzaam. The exhibition deals with the possibility of the emergence of the individual/subject within a group and, in a connected way, with the necessary emergence of the subject's feeling of belonging to the group. The circuit around the works will take us into territories where the way they function reveals the plurality of the possible positions to take and the latent difficulty of thinking in terms of the collective, and feeling both a desire for it, and its loss. Between the development of a capacity to act and the experience of powerlessness, the exhibition invites us to be not necessarily in one or other of these positions, but much more in a place "beyond" any dualism. (...) The works presented in the exhibition The Unknown Group display multiple propositions of "acting" without, however, finding themselves in the "already known."  These territories of action, the territory of the art work and the territory of the exhibition by extension, sketch out the contours of that which Homi Bhabha calls the "third-space," an alternative space which distinguishes itself notably by its creative potential, which permits it to sidestep expectations and normativity.

"This third-space displaces the stories that constitute it, and sets up new structures of authority, new political initiatives, which are inadequately understood through received wisdom." (Jonathan Rutherford, "The Third Space. Interview with Homi Bhabha," in Identity, Culture, Community, Difference, ed. Jonathan Rutherford, Lawrence and Wishart, London, 1990, p. 211.)

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Kurator: Eva Gonzalez-Sancho

Künstler: Dan Graham, Susan Hiller, Joachim Koester, Guillaume Leblon, Marc Nagtzaam