press release

The Way Things Run - Part III: Wage
September 28th 7pm
Performance at 7.30 by Isabella Fürnkäs with Nikolas Brummer and Jan Seevetal

Julieta Aranda, Anna-Sophie Berger, Lou Cantor, Peter Fischli And David Weiss, Claire Fontaine, Isabella Fürnkäs, Mariana Hahn, Alicja Kwade, Fred Lonidier, Philip-Lorca Dicorcia, Mickael Marman, Ahmet Ogut, Gina Proenza, Thilo Ferdinand Reich, Analia Saban, Katharina Sieverding, Eric Winkler, He Xiangyu

Curated by Jeppe Ugelvig and Justin Polera

The third and final iteration of The Way Things Run investigates art’s ability to speculate labor politics. Through artworks – be they images, object, or immaterial experiences – artists may effectively narrate histories of labor, informed and shaped by social and geopolitical factors in local, regional or national contexts. At the same time, as capitalist society’s prime producer of symbolic value, the complex concept and industry of “art” is itself embroiled in a range of deeply problematic labor processes, unfolding as art is made, displayed, exchanged and speculated. The Way Things Run III sets out to examine how artists – in an attempt to discuss the essential political importance of work and its effect on bodies, places, institutions, and societies – insist on the work of art as a critical and viable space for such a discussion, expanding or subverting its function while acknowledging its inherent implication in value-generation.