press release

…this is Radio Athenes
Eleni Bagaki, BLESS, Rallou Panagiotou, Vangelis Vlahos
Exhibition: 18 November 2016–9 April 2017
Opening Friday 18 November 7-9pm

Responding to an invitation by Signal, Radio Athènes is bringing to Malmö four distinct projects by Eleni Bagaki, BLESS, Rallou Panagiotou and Vangelis Vlahos as well as titles from its library in Athens, Greece assembled by artists, curators and writers we have worked with. Books selected by Darren Bader, Kirsty Bell, Josephine Pryde, Teddy Coste, Thomas Boutoux, Kerstin Cmelka, to name a few, will become part of the Signal library available to peruse in the months to come and in an environment infused with the spirit of BLESS.

As the sequence of autonomous presentations unfolds, I. Economy Class (Eleni Bagaki), II. Two-Hander (Rallou Panagiotou) and III. This Event has Now Ended (Vangelis Vlahos) facts and fictions derived from the constant and unique interaction of conflicting forces -corporeality and intangibility, exchange and reification, reality and mediation- operate at different levels and intensities.

A Ryan Air flight (Bagaki), a street-seller’s bench (Panagiotou) and the notes of Greece’s finance minister, Euclid Tsakalotos (Vlahos) trigger these presentations, all conceived in 2016.

I. Economy Class, Eleni Bagaki 18 November 2016–29 January 2017
II. Two-Hander, Rallou Panagiotou 3 February–5 March 2017
III. This Event has Now Ended, Vangelis Vlahos 10 March–9 April 2017

Organized by Helena Papadopoulos, founding director of Radio Athènes, institute for the advancement of contemporary visual culture.


…this is Radio Athènes follows a series of events under the title Sending a Signal out in the Ether: Live on Radio Athènes, the first part of which took place in October 2016 in Athens.