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Kunstnernes Hus is pleased to present Look Awry, an exhibition of new work by Brussels-based artist Tilman, curated by Kjell Bjørgeengen.

Comprised of an array of monochromatic paintings acting as carriers of light, as well as a large-scale, site-specific installation, Look Awry highlights a fundamental concern in Tilman’s unique practice: contesting the boundaries of painting by inviting the viewer to peer below, aside, and sometimes awry, adding physicality and an architectural dimension to the unfolding of apperception closely linked with nonobjective art.

Tilman’s paintings, often leaned or arranged as floor pieces, take light and color as their constituent elements, treating both as objects with mass and extension. Modular constructions built from angled, juxtaposed, or stacked MDF board and plexiglass, each painted object is covered with a monochromatic layer of oil paint. As all-over paintings, their protruding borders and activated edges radiating with color, these objects act as carriers of light, mediating our experience of it as a physical quality. A series of these paintings will fill both sky lit galleries on the museum’s first floor.

In a large-scale, site-specific installation built within the existing frame of the Kunstnernes Hus, Tilman treats the existing architecture as a kind of monochromatic painting itself. In one of the museum’s galleries, he has built two new walls: one closing off one of the ends of the space, while the second follows the length of the existing wall. With a slight tilt and positioned at a narrow angle, this intervention with the preexisting spatial arrangement takes on multiple meanings: as an architectural gesture, a projection screen for an integrated video component of the installation, and as a large monochromatic painting. An architectural sound composition by Aernoudt Jacobs will also be an integrated part of the installation, the ambiguity of which addresses notions of the discrete and autonomous artwork.

On the occasion of the exhibition, Kunsnernes Hus will publish a full-color catalogue with texts by João Ribas and Laurent Delaroche.


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Look Awry
Kurator: Kjell Bjorgeengen