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TITLED/UNTITLED, the current exhibition at Lismore Castle, Co Waterford, Ireland is an unusual collaborative exhibition bringing together work from the Devonshire Collection and Rubell Family Collection based in Miami; works from the Devonshire Collection having been selected by the Rubell Family, while pieces from the Rubell Collection were selected by William and Laura Burlington. The complex relationships that exist between the collector, the artwork and the passage of time are explored, and the viewer may be prompted to question their own preconceptions of what is meant by the ‘historical’ and the 'contemporary'.

Many of the works on display have never been seen before in public, and this exhibition provides an unprecedented opportunity to view work by leading contemporary artists juxtaposed in a unique environment with historical work from the Devonshire private collection. Artists in the exhibition include: Darren Almond, Hernan Bas, Thomas Gainsborough, Peter Lely, Joshua Reynolds, Gregor Schneider and Anthony Van Dyck.

Jason Rubell, son of Don and Mera Rubell comments: 'The show is an exciting collaboration, merging the classical and the ultra-contemporary. This opportunity brings together our two families' particular collecting viewpoints and each of our families' relationships to place, time and our geographic positions.'

For the first time, the private, semi-derelict stable yards have been opened up to visitors and it is here, amidst the dilapidation of the old buildings, that the contemporary work from the Rubell Family Collection is shown. In contrast, the contemporary gallery, which occupies the west wing of the Castle, plays host to Gainsborough, Van Dyck and others from the Devonshire Collection.

William Burlington adds: "It was fascinating seeing how the Rubells worked together and how they reacted to Lismore. Their idea of including the extraordinary setting of the stable yards was a masterstroke which adds a whole new layer of intrigue to the exhibition"

A unique exhibition of works from the
Devonshire Collection & The Rubell Family Collection

mit Darren Almond, Hernan Bas, Thomas Gainsborough, Peter Lely, Joshua Reynolds, Gregor Schneider, Anthonis van Dyck ...